"Once you reconnect with what the truth is, everyone is transparent: you know immediately where everyone is with wthe truth."

The Recovery Process - About Me

Dr. Gregory Tucker Greg Tucker is a Clinical Psychologist who gave it all up to switch to a very different way of working with clients. He calls what he does “The Recovery Process.” He got his Masters Degree in Child Psychology and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Case-Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.

After reading the works of Wei Wu Wei, he understood why the premise for Psychotherapy was inherently flawed. As Wei Wu Wei stated, “If the premise is false, the conclusions will be false.”

We defend a false premise because the defense of the false premise underscores the defense of who we insist we are, what we insist is ‘going on,’ and what we insist “reality” is all about. Truth is right there in our face, but resistance resists truth to defend the false premise as if it is a fact. Most of us use time collectively to dismiss truth in order to defend the false premise. We work as a vast team to defend our preferred version of reality because truth reveals why nothing is what we insist it is.

The final kicker is that this drama is not a conspiracy; it defines how we use time in this dream we refer to as “reality.” The dream is the context for “The Whole Show,” including the sum of what we do in this dream to give truth a hard time.

Every dreamer reveals exactly how it is using time to play “The Personhood Game” in this dream. We are all transparent but we can’t play the game and know the truth consciously simultaneously, so the game requires ‘unconsciousness’ to support the fiction truth can be dismissed, or even canceled, which is really quite funny.

Truth exists as an absolute. We know it, hate it and pretend we don’t know it so we can fill time with our personhood charade. Again, the dream is the context for the drama, and this means there is no one to blame for anything, literally. Since we love ‘blame’ and ‘grudge’ and other expressions of ‘duality,’ truth acquires a very bad reputation because it is what ‘right now’ is, and it smiles, so to speak, while we carry on with our little drama in the foreground. Every dreamer in this dream has a date with truth, if not today, then next week, or even the next time around. Truth has nowhere to go. It can afford to watch the dance we do around it; two steps closer, three to the side, and four back. Is it a tango, or some version of “the jitterbug?”