"What there is to know resides outside the box we occupy."

The Big Picture

The Big Picture Consciousness is “The Big Picture” manifesting as right now, featuring where everyone is with the fact truth is absolute. This manifests as the spectrum of awareness, from those who have little or no insight into “The Big Picture,” to the degree they don’t even experience a sudden flash of awareness that there is something strange about reality. From their perspective, everything is exactly what it appears to be. This defines one end of what there is to know, and in that light, it’s perfect. Those slightly higher on the scale of knowing listen intently to this literal, concrete view of reality. The truth is, most of us reside in a tiny segment of what there is to know. What we know about “The Big Picture” is the box we occupy. It structures perception. It regulates imagination. It defines what’s possible, carefully filtering out anything that challenges the integrity of our limited point of view about what’s possible.

What there is to know resides outside the box we occupy. Amnesia, on cue, scrambles “the rest of the story,” turning it into fog. This fog services the lie reality is what we insist it is. On the surface, we behave as if the box we occupy is the whole truth, and noting but the truth. Fear, on the other hand, suggests that not even amnesia can scramble truth. The fog we occupy can keep truth “out of sight and out of mind,” but it can’t cancel it. That’s the trouble with truth: nothing we do can make it disappear. Fear suggests that everyone knows, at some pre-conscious level of knowing, what the truth is, and that our rendition of truth is always ‘at risk.’

“The Big Picture” includes 1) what the truth is, and 2) how we fill time relying on amnesia to reject truth in order to defend our preferred rendition of truth. If most of truth resides outside the box we occupy, we are defending half of the truth, more or less, to insist it is the whole truth. Fear keeps us on guard, ready to prevent truth from impinging on the box we occupy. We want truth to be what we insist it is, and truth has this nasty habit of reminding us that the half we deal with is inaccurate. The whole is much bigger than the sum of the parts we keep in place as “the truth.”

Fear suggests we know we are defending fiction and calling it fact by treating fact as fiction. In this light, you can view consciousness as “the truth” --- that includes the lies we defend to minimize what “The Big Picture” includes, if it came into focus. In other words, truth includes us dismissing truth because we already know, and don’t want to know we know, that what we defend as “the truth” is only a tiny slice of “The Big Picture.” The question is, what is it about “The Big Picture” that makes us defensive about the view we defend as “the truth?” It appears that amnesia keeps truth out of mind so we can defend the fiction our limited view of truth is “the truth.”

Over time, physics will reveal that what we defend now as “the truth” has nothing to do with what the truth actually is. The stories we keep in place as “the truth” will give way to “The Big Picture,” in spite of how we hang on to our stories about truth. Truth reveals itself at the exact rate it does, and this equation includes us ‘defending the lie truth is false.’

Fear suggests that we dread truth precisely because everything we defend as “the truth” we already know is false. If you personalize this issue, the question is, “am I who I think I am, or is who I am not who I think I am?” Truth can’t be revoked, only resisted. In the end, it promotes change, the gradual shift from what is false to what is true. If truth is immutable, and it includes us giving it a “hard time,” then the hard time we give it would have to be part of “The Big Picture.” You have to wonder how that works!